Hi! I'm Sarah. I have passion for all things motorcycles and enjoy sharing it. Motorcycling is so much more sweet when we're all connected by our love for this sport and share our knowledge and experiences. And that's why Sportbike Sweetheart was born. 
Learning how to ride did not come easy for me. There were times I thought I would never get the hang of it and get out on the road. But, through the support of other riders, it gave me the encouragement and motivation to keep pushing and learning. Long story short, through that support, a lot of practice, a ton of training programs and a slew of track day instruction, I finally began to feel confident in my riding. 
Today, you can find me riding The Dragon and curvy roads in the Tennessee or North Carolina mountains, or on the track. I enjoy leading group rides and sharing what I've learned at motorcycle event and work shops. I also race pit bikes at Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort. In my spare time, I'm enjoy utilizing my education and experience in journalism and broadcast news as a contributing writer/reporter for motorcycle publications and media outlets. 
I love to try out and test new products and have fun writing reviews. 
Most importantly, I just like to find ways to connect with other riders and help in some way. Since when I learned to ride, so many people graciously helped me.
Sportbike Sweetheart:
Motorcycling has never been so sweet.

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