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Can You Hear Me? Protect Your Ears

May is Motorcycle Safety Month and I like to consider myself a safe motorcyclist. I protect my head with a DOT-approved full-face helmet, I protect my skin with a leather suit, protect my hands with gloves and protect my feet with boots. I even protect my well-being and that of others by seeking to be a good, safe rider with solid skills. But there is an area of protection and safety where I’ve failed: ear protection. And my husband, Jud, has expressed concern over my lack of ear protection for years. He reminds me often that if I don’t wear ear protection on the bike it will impair my hearing and I’ll be hard of hearing one day. And the damage is irreparable. Talk about dangerous—especially on a bike. But despite his loving reminders, I’ve refused to wear it. I find earplugs uncomfortable and they never stay in when taking my helmet on and off—and I’m always losing them. I also feel like I can’t hear the bike at all which I don’t like, and it’s hard to hear people talk. So I simply don’t wear it.

But recently a company called Ear Peace reached out to me and offered to send me two sets of their ear protection. The timing was perfect and had me intrigued. So I said yes please!

They arrived and I took a set and my husband a set. And we took off on our bikes.

Right off the bat, I was pretty impressed. First off, the ear buds are a soft silicone and the shape is not only comfortable, but they actually stay put! I could move my head around and take my helmet on and off without them falling off. Second, the ear buds actually come with different acoustic filters you can choose from. Plus, the ones I have are specifically rated for motorsports and reduced wind and unwanted noise while still being able to hear your bike or other approaching vehicles. Lastly, it comes with a handy case that you can put on your key chain or the pocket of your leather suit or jacket so they don’t get lost or misplaced.

Check out this video where Jud and I discuss our experience with experience following our ride:

This Ear Peace ear protection is only $24.99. Learn more at

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