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Fueling the Ride: How Improved Nutrition is Impacting My Riding

Life happens. Work becomes hectic, responsibilities pile up and sometimes it feels like we're just trying to get through the week. When you're busy and tired, it's easy to grab processed foods and make poor nutrition decisions. This is where I found myself at the end of 2019, and I was feeling the impact of my diet. I felt sluggish, didn't look forward to the gym and the foods I was eating left feeling bloated and heavy after meals. Although I was working out a lot, I wasn't making progress. With prime riding season just months away, I knew I needed a radical change so I could get back on track. Good nutrition is critical since, without good health, we can't perform at our best. During times like this, I like doing cleanses since it's like hitting the "restart" button.

I've done a lot of different cleanses over the years, but the Phyzix MD Cleanse is my favorite since not only did it produce the best results, but it's not the type of cleanse that leaves you feeling starved or has you running to the bathroom every hour. It utilizes supplements, shakes and good, nutritious whole foods that enable the body and its organs to work at their best. I achieved great results the first time I did it, so it was a no-brainer to choose it again.

What the Cleanse Involves

The Complete Pack includes Metabolizer PH, Optimizer Plus, Probiotic Max and the Cleanse Guide. Each day, I took the supplements and made myself the shakes. The Cleanse Guide provides helpful instructions on the supplements and what you should eat while on the 10-day cleanse. There were many delicious options that were cleanse-friendly like grilled chicken or salmon and certain vegetables, fruit and nuts. These clean, whole foods are what helped me jumpstart improved nutrition and eliminate sugar-laden, proceeded foods.

My first time doing the Phyzix Cleanse, I felt so much better both inside and out that I continued following the nutrition guide and drinking the shakes for many months after.

A Second Experience with the Cleanse

Since a little over a year had gone by since I had last done the Phyzix Cleanse, the second time around I had an idea of what to expect and how it would feel since I had been through it before, and this made it even easier. In an effort to follow the nutrition guide, a trip to the grocery store was made to ensure only cleanse-friendly foods were in the house. And just like the previous time, I found the first few days were rough. I missed coffee, the chocolate candies I would eat for dessert each night and the half a bagel I liked to have with breakfast. I had intense cravings at times. However, the longer I was on the Cleanse, the more the cravings subsided and then stopped completely. Those first few days were a real hump to get over, but from there on out, I felt like a new person. Suddenly, I wasn’t exhausted from work and had the energy to go to the gym after. I began to wake up feeling more refreshed. During the day, thanks to improved nutrition, my stomach felt better and I didn’t feel over-stuffed and sluggish. I was able to eat a meal and actually feel good after.

My renewed energy level enabled me to up my game at the gym. I went from working out once or twice a week to five days a week and by day seven of the Cleanse my husband and family were noticing a radical difference. The foods I was eating prior to the Cleanse were inflammation-inducing, and by changing my diet and detoxing, my face and body looked slimmer. I also lost actual weight. By detoxing the body, it enabled my body to function at an optimal level which provided weight loss benefits.

Although I only planned on completing the full 10 days dictated in the Cleanse Guide, like my prior experience with the Cleanse, I felt so good that I continued the shakes and nutrition plan. By eliminating certain foods through the Cleanse, I found that I felt my best on a dairy-free, wheat-free and corn-free diet that is also free from processed foods. Luckily, Phyzix also offers bars that are wheat-free and dairy-free that make great snacks.

Where I Am Today

Today marks exactly two months since I did the Cleanse. I lost nearly 15 lbs. but I’ve been told I look like I lost a lot more—likely from building more muscle at the gym. My goal was to drop a clothing size in these last two months, which I achieved. I think the most profound improvement though is the change in diet, which I’ve maintained. Being dairy-free, wheat-free and corn-free isn’t as hard as it sounds. I can find menu items at any restaurant that work for me. And since I’m eating plenty of whole foods, I don’t feel hungry or starved, so I don’t end up with cravings or binges. Eating healthy isn’t easy and maintaining an equally healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.

Ok, So What Does This Mean for Motorcycling?

As motorcyclists, what we do is both physical and mental. If you've ever done a track day, ridden a technical and curvy road or gone for a long ride, you've probably noticed that your body gets tired. Heck, after a couple sessions at the track or passes on The Dragon my muscles are sometimes screaming. It's called a sport for a reason and motorcyclists are athletes. It's important to be fit and healthy since it helps improve your endurance on the bike and your overall performance. And even more importantly, good nutrition can help improve focus--which is absolutely critical for motorcyclists. Lastly, I'm going to touch on that little dirty "w" word: weight. Motorcyclists often mod their bikes out with weight-saving parts. These parts may shave off a pound here or half a pound there. So imagine the weight savings of dropping even just 5 lbs of body weight!

If you find yourself making poor nutrition decisions and you have trouble finding the energy for the gym, I highly recommend a cleanse. It's a key way to fuel your riding and rev up your performance.

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