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Holiday Gift Guide for Women Motorcyclists

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Is there a special woman in your life who loves motorcycles? But you're not sure what to get her? This year, give her the gift she really wants. And no, I don't mean a designer purse or shoes. This gift guide is for the woman lives for the freedom of the open road or the adrenaline of the track. TIt's for the women who would rather fill their garage with bikes than fill their closet with shoes.

Since I don’t recommend products that I haven’t personally tried and vetted myself, all of these gifts are Sportbike Sweetheart approved! I also made a point to include a variety of price ranges, so that no matter your budget, you can find a great gift she'll appreciate.

So here are 20 gift ideas for badass, two-wheeled women:

Yamaha Champions Riding School

I put this at the top of my gift guide list because what’s more important than giving the gift of becoming a better, safer, faster rider? Champ School is a life-changing experience for riders of any ability level and the chance to learn from the best instructors in the industry. If you can’t swing the registration for the two-day Champ School there is also a Champ Day option. Price: $500 - $2,200

Learn more at http://www.ridelikeacham

MotoGP Tickets

If she loves motorcycles, going to a MotoGP race is an unforgettable experience. It’s the chance to see the best racers in the world compete, and if you get paddock passes, you may even get to meet the racers! As you can see in the picture, I even had the opportunity to hang out on the track during qualifying. Since there are races all over the world, it can make for a pretty awesome vacation. Find out more here: https://www.mo

Track Day Gift Certificate

Another great way the woman motorcyclist in your life can build her skills while having a blast is at a track day. The gift certificate can be used at any track day (within that track day organization) she wants. There are many tracks to choose from. It’s a great way to scratch your speed itch in an environment that‘s a whole lot safer than the road while getting on-track coaching.

Price: Any price you want! But most track days start at $100 per day.

Check out

Ride Like A Girl Racing

Ok, let’s be real. Even motorcycle girls can appreciate clothes—when they’re for riding! I love the brand Ride Like A Girl Racing because they support women riders, but I also adore their products. I wear their leggings when I ride and they’re so comfortable. Plus, they have great colors and patterns. Choose from tanks, tees, hats and even mugs and beach towels.

Price: Varies by product, but about $20 to $45 Shop their looks here:

Alpinestars Stella Kira Leather Suit

I’ve tried out a lot of women’s leather suits over the years, but always end up landing on Alpinestars. Sure, you’ll have a perfect fit with a custom suit, but not everyone can afford that. The quality you get with Alpinestars, for the price, is top-notch. Plus, their women’s suits are the best suits I’ve found to fit a woman’s curves. I wear the Stella Kira and this suit is still available. Price: $950

Shop here:

Alpinestars Boots

Ok, so I know I mentioned motorcycle girls don’t always care about collecting shoes, but motorcycle boots are another story. Is your girl riding in sneakers? Get that girl some protective boots! Good riding boots will keep her from breaking or spraining an ankle. I like the Alpinestars boots I have because they’re comfortable even on the longest rides and they're lightweight and keep my feet dry. They‘re also well-made with great protection. Price: $300

Shop here:

Scorpion EXO Helmets

If there’s a product I’m a fan of, this is it. I have their Sugar Skull helmet, T510 in black and pink and ST1400 in carbon fiber. I’ve been wearing their helmets for 10 years and I enjoy the fit, comfort and level of protection. I have literally put their helmets to the test and took a header into the pavement at 50+ miles per hour racing pit bikes and didn’t even have so much as a headache. And they always come out with great designs for women. I always favor helmets with pink, but I appreciate how they also have a large selection of designs for women that are NOT pink—not every woman wants pink.

Price: $160 - $400

Shop here:

Luckyyogi Helmet Bow

You know the signature bow I have on my helmets? It’s by LuckyYogi on Etsy. The best part is that it’s specifically made for motorcycle helmets and comes with strong Velcro that keeps the bow attached even at high speeds (although I do take it off on the track). And they have a plethora of colors and styles to choose from.

Price: $45 - $90

Shop here:

Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers

If your motorcycle girl is going to be spending some time on the track, tire warmers are helpful since she'll be able to spend less time getting her tires up to temp. Although my Dunlop Q4 tires can run well without warmers, I still like to heat them up just a tad before I hit the track. I have Chicken Hawk single temp tire warmers, and while the quality is good I recommend the dual temp warmers instead. Tires like mine don't need a high heat setting, so it would be nice to have the option for two temperature settings.

Price: $359 - $399

Shop here:

Pit Bull Front and Rear Stands

If you get tire warmers, you’ll need stands. Plus, stands make working on your bike so much easier! I know this gift seems awfully practical, but havings tire stands seriously makes life so much easier and it's a must-have for the track.

Price: $149 - $229

Shop here:

ASV Levers

This is the only product on the list that I don't actually own or have on my bike, however, I bought these levers for my husband and tried them out on his bike, and now I want them too. So they made my gift guide list, and (hint, hint) I want this gift! These levers look great, but most importantly, they're (allegedly) unbreakable and have a 5-year crash damage guarantee. They're also highly adjustable.

Price: $125

Shop here:

Ride Rich Tanks & Tees

I've gotten quite a few compliments on my "You Gotta Drop a Knee to be With Me" tank and t-shirt which are both from Ride Rich. They have some really cool tops with slogans like "Bikes Before Boys" or "Boys Like the Way I Ride It."

Price: $30

Shop here:

Twist of the Wrist by Keith Code

If the woman motorcyclist in your life hasn't read this book, she needs to add it to her reading list. As a new rider, this book was the key to improvement. What I like about this book is that it helped me understand the "why" behind riding technique and how it plays into the physics of the bike. When people follow me, the number one compliment I receive is that I'm smooth. Well, I have this book to thank for that since the author really drills in the concept that smooth = speed. There are many other great tips though. I could dedicate an entire blog post to a review of this book. I highly recommend it.

Price: Around $18

Shop here:

Scorpion Women's Verano Jacket & Maia Pant

So maybe the woman motorcyclist in your life isn't quite ready for a full-leather suit--and that's ok. However, make sure she's still protected. In addition to helmets, Scorpion offers textile jackets and pants. These have armor in key areas like the elbows and knees and are abrasion-resistant. This apparel is also nice for warm weather riding since it's lightweight and offers ample ventilation. The Verano jacket comes in black or pink and black, and their pants Maia pants are offered in black and white and black.

Price: Jacket is $140 and the pants are $180

Shop here:

Subscription to Blue Ridge Motorcycling Magazine

This gift is more geared for motorcyclists in the southeast, but I had to include it on my list. After all, I do write for this magazine! And before I wrote for it I was one of the featured riders. But one of the reasons I‘m proud to write for them is this magazine is really well done. If you’re looking for new places to ride, or cool restaurants, breweries or wineries to enjoy along the way, this is it. It’s truly engaging reading material.

Price: $19.95 - $34.95

Shop here:

GoPro HERO8 Black

A GoPro provides the perfect way for her to record all her awesome riding adventures. But the best part about a GoPro is recording and analyzing riding in an effort to build skills. At Champ School, they recorded us on the track and then played it back for us and we dissected our body positioning, apexes, braking and overall performance. It was extremely helpful to view videos from early on and have a comparison to assess progress. Whether you buy it for fun or for progress, it's handy to have.

Price: $449.99

Shop here:

XT Racing Ultra Lap Timer

It’s tough to know your progress if you don’t know your lap times on the track. This lap timer is affordable, works well and is easy to use.

Price: $199 Shop here:

Women’s Sportbike Rally Registration

Every sportbike girl needs some sportbike girl friends. And some of the most amazing motorcycle women I’ve met have been through this rally. It’s offered on both the east coast and west coast and it’s a full weekend of full-on, two-wheeled motorcycle girl time. And the two locations in California and the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina are pretty amazing.

Price: $30 - $45

Learn more:

And, drum roll please...this is personally my favorite (but requires a larger budget).

Kawaski Z125 or Honda Grom

Anyone who knows me is aware I’ve been wanting a Z125 or a Honda Grom for a long time. I’ve tried out both, and honestly, I’ll gladly take either one. Whether you buy it as a pit bike for the track, a commuter bike or a “hooligan” machine for twisty mountain roads (which is what I would use it for), I can attest that these bikes are loads of fun. I’ve spent a significant amount of time riding both thanks to very kind friends, and I’m hooked. These small-bore bikes are just a blast. And if you’re thinking about buying your girl that new Coach bag or diamond earrings the size of a mouse skating rink, well, these bikes are about the same price.

Price: Anywhere from around $2,000 to $3,200 for a stock bike depending on the year.

I hope that all of you with women motorcyclists on your gift-giving list can find that special item that will make her smile. I wish everyone happy holidays! And if you have any gear-related questions, or you need your products reviewed, please contact me at

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