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  • Sarah Merrell

Like Airbnb but for Motorcycles? I Had to Try Riders Share

Have you ever dreamed of two-wheeled vacations in the canyons of Colorado, forests of the Pacific northwest, the breathtaking Smoky Mountains or white sand and aqua waters of Key West? Many motorcyclists have a bucket list of adventures, but sometimes there are hurdles. Not everyone has the vacation time from work to ride across the country to their destinations--or even to trailer. There's the option to fly, but then you're left without a motorcycle unless you rent one, and motorcycle rentals can often be cost prohibitive at upwards of $200 per day. It's a conundrum I've faced myself as my husband and I look to plan vacations on two wheels. So when I was offered the chance to try out Riders Share, I jumped at the opportunity. Perhaps this could be the key to easily and affordably having access to bikes for motorcycle adventures across the country.

What is Riders Share? It’s like Airbnb but for bikes. And it’s pretty simple. Just choose the location and dates of your trip and then pick a bike. But instead of going through a rental company, the bike is rented through owner of the bike via Riders Share. The owner and renter have agreed upon terms and the owner has 48 hours to approve the request. Renters can cancel the booking with no penalty prior to arrival.

I was interested to try it. Here's my experience:

Easy Peasy

I love technology, especially when it makes life easy. The entire process can be done from your smartphone. I booked my ride, checked in for my ride and managed communication with the bike owner straight from the website or my phone. It provided all the information I needed. Getting started was a piece of cake. I completed my information, uploaded a photo of my drivers license with my motorcycle endorsement and I was good to go.

Myriad of Motorcycles

Since Riders Share is a network of motorcycle owners renting out their bikes, there are tons of motorcycle options to choose from. I chose a Honda CB300R because I've never ridden one before and it looked like a fun, interesting bike. All the bikes through Riders Share are model year 2000 or newer and in good condition. When I went to pick up the bike, I was pleasantly surprised it was a nearly pristine bike that was barely a year old. It provided some peace-of-mind to know I would be riding a machine that wasn't old and janky. No matter what type of motorcycle or riding you're interested in, you'll likely find a bike to match your desires with all the options.

Affordable Alternative

You know how I mentioned many motorcycle rentals are $200+ per day? Through Riders Share, you can choose from bikes that are closer to $70 to $80 per day. Although some do cost more, there are many affordable options. I started thinking about how much money this could save. If I rented a bike through a rental company, I could be looking at $600+ for a three-day rental vs half that through Riders Share. The way I see it, that $300 you save can buy some really fun motorcycle parts.

Services That Offer Protection

Road side assistance is provided as part of the motorcycle rental for only $9 per day. But coverage in the event something happens to the bike is also important. Although I consider myself a safe rider, you can't control other people's mistakes on the road--so I opted for the Premium protection. This means that if the bike were to be damaged or stolen, I would be covered and only owe $500 max. This is pretty darn good considering a lot of motorcycle rental companies require a $2,000 deposit that you may not get back depending on the cost of the deductible and repairs.

Friendly Customer Service

The owner of the bike I rented was very nice. She was professional and was quick to respond. I was also thrilled that she was also a female motorcyclist. When I arrived to pickup the bike, she took her time going over the details of the bike, how to start it and also shared that her bike's name is Lafonda. I told her I would take very good care of Lafonda. The owner was also extremely helpful in coordinating pickup and drop off times that worked for us both. Riders Share, on their end, also provided excellent customer service. When I needed to adjust the bike pickup time and drop off, and had questions regarding it, they got back to me quickly and provided helpful and thorough responses. The professionalism and communication from both the bike's owner and Riders Share impressed me.

Riding Something Different

Lafonda the Honda and I spent the weekend enjoying the mountain roads. As much as I love my own bikes, I really enjoyed riding something different. Lafonda received a lot of attention since apparently CB300Rs aren't a well-known motorcycle. Although the more upright, naked bike was far different from the bikes I'm accustomed to, I gelled with the bike fairly quickly and it helped give me some ideas of what I might like for my next motorcycle purchase.

Saying Goodbye

Returning the bike was just as easy as picking it up. Riders Share sent me a text with a link to check out and I put in the mileage, gas level and that was pretty much it. It was a little sad saying bye to Lafonda after bonding over the weekend, but now that I know about Riders Share, I'm excited for the next bike and adventure.

While I had a great experience renting a motorcycle, Riders Share is also a helpful resource for motorcycle owners looking to make some extra money. During times when life is busy and you're doing less riding, you can rent your bike out instead of letting it sit there.

Whether you're interested in renting a bike for an upcoming trip, or you want to make some extra money renting your bike out, I encourage you to check them out at

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