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Living the Dream: An Immersive Experience with Triumph Motorcycles

My work in the motorsports industry isn't always easy. I'm constantly coming up with new content for my blog and social media accounts and I also have a side gig as editor-at-large for a motorcycle magazine--in addition to providing public relations and social media support for motorcycle events and donating my time as national marketing manager for Women's Sportbike Rally. And there is my ongoing work at bettering myself as a motorcyclist through events, riding schools and track days. Oh, and pit bike racing. And preparing for my first-ever race on the sportbike. Did I mention I also have a full-time marketing/PR job? I love it and I'm passionate about it, but I do work hard, so it's especially exciting when all that work pays off in a rewarding way. So when I received an invitation via email from Triumph about a month ago, I was beyond excited. Now that I've just experienced and completed the event, there's a lot that I learned and took away from it.

It's All About Camaraderie

Triumph's bikes were amazing to ride...and I'll get to the riding part in a minute. The best part was getting to meet, in person, some of the people I've been following on social media and have inspired me--and vice versa. Everyone was extremely friendly and we all shared our backgrounds and clicked the "follow" button on each other's social media. Triumph did a great job choosing people from all different motorcycling backgrounds who all shared an intense passion for two wheels. The first person I met when I walked in was Shelina Moreda. She's a pro racer and I was able to pick her brain about racing. I also finally got to meet Carolyn (aka Doodle) who I've been following on Instagram and YouTube. I met Alex Chacon, who is traveling all over the world on a bike and a woman who is sponsored by Harley-Davidson and films for them. I met a couple with Overland Journal--a beautiful print magazine chock full of amazing motorcycle adventures and images. Everyone I met was extremely interesting and brought a very special element to motorcycling. The Triumph team: Lance Jones, Adam VanderVeen and Natalie Henderson, were also wonderful and so welcoming to work with.

A Stunning Setting

Triumph chose Tucson, Arizona for the event. I had never been to Arizona, let alone Tucson, so I didn't know what to expect. Well, it's gorgeous! I had no idea the area had such breathtaking mountain vistas and landscapes. During the rides, it was difficult to keep my eyes on the road because I kept wanting to look around! Everywhere I looked had a "wow" factor. Of course, it also helped that Triumph chose the Westin La Paloma as the home base. This resort is amazing.

Let's Get Down to Business...the Bikes

What everyone probably wants to know is what the bikes were like. I'll be doing a separate post with a more in-depth review of the two bikes I rode: the 2020 Street Triple RS and the 2020 Rocket 3. But I'll give you this teaser: Before this event, I had only ridden a Triumph once, and very briefly. It was their Daytona. I didn't ride it long enough to get a good feel for the bike, so I was really excited to try out a couple of their motorcycles. The Street Triple RS was everything I hoped it would be. It was comfortable, smooth and peppy but also a breeze to handle and the quick-shifter put a big smile on my face. I was intimidated by the Rocket 3 at first due to its size, cruiser-type style, weight, and 2500cc engine. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how easily it leaned and handled. They were two very different bikes, but both had a lot to love.

A Triumphant Experience

Before this event, I knew very little about Triumph. Sure, I'd heard the name, but that's about it. I arrived in Arizona having nearly zero knowledge, but left not only having a better understanding and feel their bikes but also for their brand, their initiatives, and their vision. As a woman motorcyclist, I appreciate the fact they had a great representation of women at the event and make an effort to appeal to the female riding community since there are so many brands out there who don't. I also liked the fact that the event was far more than just hopping on their bikes and promoting them. It was an immersive, robust experience that did include riding and experiencing their motorcycles first-hand, but also getting to know their team, building connections and future collaborations, and making new contacts that will not only benefit Triumph, but the industry as a whole. For that, I owe Triumph and its team a big thank you.

(Stay tuned for bike reviews!)

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