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No More Leather Suit Struggle: My Custom Suit Experience

People come in many shapes and sizes. Some are tall, some are short. We all have different size hips, waists, and for women, cup sizes. Some of us have long torsos and some have long legs. Some are hour glass shaped, pear shaped or straight. The proportions are endless. So it’s understandable that leather suit manufacturers have a difficult time producing suits that will fit every person just right. With an off-the-shelf suit, there will always be one aspect that doesn’t fit quite right. When you’re spending all day riding the road, pushing it on the track or battling it out in a race, comfort is key. Which is why I’m incredibly happy with my choice to finally switch to a custom suit. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. And here’s why.

My new suit is by OneX USA and I absolutely love it. But to be perfectly honest, I was nervous at first about how it would turn out. I’ve had friends who have bought custom suits from other brands and it was a nightmare. The suit measurements were completely off and their suits didn’t fit and they ended up having to get them altered. Or in other cases, the design didn’t turn out how they expected or the quality was poor. The good news was I knew other riders and racers with OneX suits who spoke very highly of them, so it helped me feel confident in my choice to go with OneX.

The first step in the process was the design, and this part was fun. Because the suit is custom, you have free rein to to choose the colors, logos or graphics and other design elements. You dream it, they design it. In my case, I had seen some really badass looking OneX and trusted their designer. So I shared my top color choices with them and the logos I wanted and then let them work their design magic. I’m glad I did. I was blown away by the first design they showed me and loved it. The design they came up with was far better than anything I could have drawn up myself. We made a couple tiny tweaks and it was good to go.

While the design was underway I worked on providing my measurements. The list of measurements you have to provide is lengthy, but that’s a good thing—it translates to a better and more customized fit. They provided pictures of how to take each measurement which was extremely helpful. My husband helped me take the measurements and it probably took 15 minutes tops to complete it.

After that, my suit went into production. And I grew more and more excited to see the end result. I had a track day coming up at Barber Motorsports Park and was thrilled to find out I would receive my suit just in time to wear it. But I was wondered…what if it doesn’t fit? My old suit had a giant hole in it rendering it useless for the track so I was counting on this OneX suit to work out.

When I finally had the suit in hand and I pulled it out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised by how light and soft it was. The suit is made of kangaroo leather—which is the lightest yet strongest leather available. In fact, kangaroo leather is 10 times the tensile strength of cow hide. It’s also more flexible. OneX offers both kangaroo and cow hide leather for those who prefer cow hide. Now that I have a kangaroo leather suit, I don’t think I can ever go back though!

When handling the suit, I was impressed with the armor. It has CE Certified Level 2 internal elbow, shoulder, shin and knee protection. It also has absorbing shoulder and knee protection and molded elbox protection. It even has a CE Certified removable back protector. Reinforced leather and padding are placed on impact zones. For those who prefer riding with an air bag, it offers compatibility for air bag vests.

Protection is highly important, but let’s talk about the design. I hung the suit up and admired it. The design and colors look even better in person. The computer mock up didn’t do it justice. The colors really pop and the design elements are perfect. It’s truly a beautiful suit and they knocked the design out of the park.

The next step was trying it on. I was already told that it would be tight at first. I was anxious about whether I could get it over my hips and zip it, but surprise! It fit! Yes, it was tight, but when I say it's a perfect fit, I mean PERFECT. It was snug, but not too tight and I was able to move. As a “busty” woman, it’s the first suit I’ve had that actually fits me well in the chest. And, since I’m tall for a woman, it’s the first suit that has also fit me well in length. The suit literally fit like a glove in every area. Now don’t get me wrong—my first session out on track the suit did feel tight. But after moving around in it for a few track sessions the snugness disipated and it was comfortable. In fact, it felt fantastic. It’s amazing the difference it makes while riding when you have a suit that actually fits well in every single area. No pinching. Doesn’t constrict. It gave me freedom to move around on the bike.

The suit is so striking looking that I received a lot of compliments throughout the track day. But it’s also functional. In addition to the kangaroo leather and perfect fit, I’m thrilled that it has a built-in hydration pack. I ride on the road a lot and when it’s hot I end up making stops to buy bottled water. With the hyration pack, I can carry my water with me and be better hydrated. And the perforation throughout the suit helped keep me cool. I also think the elbow sliders are a nice touch. I’ve never dragged elbow, but “goals”, right? Overall, the quality is really nice. I can now see why riders with OneX suits speak so highly of the brand.

Although I had a great experience in the suit on the track, I couldn’t wait to hit the curves along the Dragon (my home turf with 318 curves in 11 miles). It felt just as a good in the tight twisties on the road as it did on the more high-speed turns on the track. When I stopped at the Overlook along The Dragon, I received even more compliments on my suit from both car and motorcycle enthusiasts.

With the suit, a pair of custom OneX Pro Race Gloves were included. This was my first pair of true race gloves and they’re pretty awesome. Like the suit, they’re very soft and flexible providing a great feel for the controls on my bike. They have a gauntlet style cuff with ventilation and extra impact protection with a carbon fiber knuckle guard.

Now at this point, you’re probably thinking, “this all sounds great but custom leather suits are expensive.” Well, OneX suits are $1,299 for cow hide and $1,599 for kangaroo and they have a sale going on right now where you can save $300 off that price with a FREE pair of custom gloves included. That’s a smoking deal.

I highly recommend OneX. You can find more information and their options online at

Big thank you to Tulio Pinto and Daniel Paine with OneX USA—I’m incredibly happy with my suit and look forward to many rides ahead.

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