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Brand Ambassadors

With Merrell Racing, brands who work with us receive a two-for-one deal, so to speak. We're one of the few motorcycling couples who serve as brand ambassadors. For us, we don't just do "influencer work". We partner with brands and build a valuable relationship that enables them to tap into audiences they may not otherwise reach. Jud offers a unique opportunity through Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort while Sarah is highly involved and in the women's motorcycling community. We're both very active in motorcycling events and provide visibility for brands. Together, we make a powerful team and we're dedicated to producing great results for the brands we work with.

Download Jud's Promo Packet

Download Sarah's Promo Packet


Sarah combines her passion for riding with her experience as a journalist to write for motorcycling publications and magazines. She currently works with Blue Ridge Motorcycling Magazine but has been a contributing write for other outlets. Prior to focusing on motorsports, Sarah wrote for fashion publications like HUSHH Magazine, Sophie Magazine and Mountain Style Magazine. She was also a fashion correspondent for broadcast stations WLOS TV and WATE TV. She is the winner of a Gritty Award for Best Fashion Writing. 


We like to think of ourselves as professional problem solvers. We work with motorcycling brands to solve challenges and create opportunities through a communications strategy and marketing tactics like social media, media relations, influencer marketing, event management, community outreach and copywriting. With over 15 years of marketing experience, we help brands gain awareness and ultimately achieve their goals. Whether seeking to grow revenue, launching a new product, gaining publicity for an event, generating leads or boosting a brand's reputation, we are here to help and bring a unique perspective as motorcyclists ourselves.

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